Evil Lurgy!

You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet around these parts for the last few weeks?

Unfortunately that Evil Lurgy that paid us a brief visit a month ago, seemed to like me so much it came back for a longer, more intrusive visit 😦 Didn’t even have the decency to ring ahead to let me know it was coming!!

This basically shut Hammocky HQ down completely, so apologies if you have been worrying / wondering what’s been going on.

I’ve spent this weekend catching up on Custom Orders and sewing Christmas Goodies, but haven’t had chance to update the website yet, this will happen over the next couple of days.

What About Freebie Friday?
You can find Week 8’s results here, and the new giveaway here.

This coming Friday (Evil Lurgy permitting!!) there will be two prizes up for grabs too so keep an eye on the Blog!

Have You Reserved Christmas Goodies?
If you have, I will be in touch over the next day or so 🙂

When Will The Christmas Goodies Be On The Website?
Hopefully no later than Wednesday this week, it’s just a case of me finding the spare time and a bit of peace and quiet to sit down with the PC for an hour or so to get everything uploaded, but as soon as the Goodies are available I’ll update the Blog.

What Are The Christmas Goodies?
This year we’ve got the Hammocky Cracker, The Santa Hat, Personalised Stockings and some ‘3 For …’ offers. If I get chance there might also be some Christmas Tree Cozies 🙂




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